Launch Pad

NOIZ has so many projects coming up to its platform, including some of our partnership's NFT projects.

The Helmet

The Maverick Helmet is all you need to find the speed in your life again. An NFT collection of 10,000 unique Navy Gentex, the Helmets are built to honor the legendary fighter pilot featured by Tom Cruise. Own a Maverick Helmet and be your own fighter. Emboss your mission in life on the helmet, live it and pass it on in the AR and Metaverse world.


“Two Worlds" Adam Neate

A British Dimensionalist painter, Neate is internationally known for his figurative pieces, mainly portraits, juxtaposed with different media and experimental materials. He started off as a street artist using recycled cardboard as a canvas to create his figurative creations, which can be found throughout London’s city streets as he intentionally left them there for interested passers-by to collect. Such work has earned him acknowledgement from the Tate, National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery. The Spectacle Group hosts Neate’s solo exhibition – “Two Worlds“ unveiling of the artist’s first-ever NFT collection – “Figures” – exclusive to Hong Kong.


Bo Sports Studio

Bosportsstudio is a digital art studio run by a Hong Kong artist, Bobo Wong. Driven by her passion for sports and anime, Bobo Wong has created nearly 100 anime-style posters of professional and collegiate athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NCAA. Bosportsstudio quickly gained popularity on Instagram and caught much attention from the different athletes she drew, such as Cole McDonald from the University of Hawaii Football Quarterback, who expressed his support in her art.



HAHALULU is a scupture series that Dennis Chan, founder of jewellery brand Qeelin, creates and brings a contemporary and global viewpoint to Chinese art and culture. A traditional gourd yet personified like a cute creature, HAHALULU is a return to real happiness.